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Chick-Autz Christmas Party ’09

December 24, 2009 Leave a comment

This year, we decided to spend our Christmas party at the Blue Coral Resort in Laiya. Just like the previous years, Myk was the punong abala. The date was December 12 and everyone are supposed to go to the resort by afternoon. Unfortunately, I can’t join that trip because I have to take my exams first. Jec also have the same dilemma of going there so we met after my exams. Afterwards, we waited for Shiela, Veejay, and Elaine who were also coming with us. We departed by around 7pm, but we went first to our house in Rosario to leave my car there because it’s more practical if we’ll be riding only in one car.

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Laiya ’07

May 24, 2007 Leave a comment

The Reunion

It was a planned outing of what I called as my “SNFSS batchmates” and they invited me to come. Most of them are already working so they came up with this important and fun event. It was more important for me because it has been almost a decade since I left our alma mater while they’ve been together for four more years as high school classmates.

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