My name is John Mark Zuño de Leon.

My father, who happens to be a Christian, took my name from the bible. I have two younger sisters, meaning I am the eldest and the only son, and their names are Joanna Marie and Janin Micah. Noticeably, the initials of our names are all “JM”. Our parents, who are behind these names, are Alfredo R. de Leon Jr. and Marivic Z. de Leon.

I was born in Blumentritt Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila on September 25, 1985. I was raised and currently residing in Rosario, Batangas living with our grandparents together with my mother and sisters while my father stays and work in the United States. I can say that I had a happy childhood because I got the chance to have lots of playmates wherein we had lots of adventures like hunting birds, playing outdoor games, climbing trees to get fruits, to name a few. Those were the days that I really enjoyed not until we transferred from the Poblacion to Barangay Quilib. Only a small number of houses were standing in the village and we only got few neighbours there. I rarely leave the house since there is no point of going to. I still need to go to the town proper just to meet my old friends. Few years later, I end up schooling in Lipa City and oddly gained more friends in there than in my hometown.

In my early childhood, I lived in Manila and took my nursery and kindergarten at the Fabella Play Center Annex in Malate. When I reached the preparatory level, our family transferred to Batangas and I was enrolled in Sto. Niño Formation and Science School  in the year 1991 and graduated elementary in 1998.  During high school, I studied at De La Salle Lipa and graduated last 2002. In my college, I dreamt of studying in Manila, but my parents did not allow me and I was forced to enrol at the Tertiary School of De La Salle Lipa taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. There is a feeling of discontentment when I was there and those were the times when I excessively enjoyed my life as a teenager and being with my friends. It made me neglect my responsibilities as a student resulting to my removal in the institution and I ended up feeling down and lost my eagerness to continue schooling. After being stagnant for one semester, my father enrolled me to AMA Lipa. The desire to study is still not present so I was reluctant when I went with my father and took the entrance test. This time, I took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Still lacking diligence, my first year in AMA was not good. I decided to stop once again because I feared that I might keep on failing in the coming years ahead. It lasted for a year. Afterwards, I came to a decision to return to AMA and this time, determined to graduate no matter what.

In my everyday life, I have gained countless of friends but most of their understanding about me is very shallow. Thus, there are only few open-minded people whom I could get along and regard as best friends. I could say that I am aloof but it does not mean that I am that rude not to reply when someone wishes to talk to me. I may be seemingly choosy with friends for the reason that I only give importance to someone who I will treasure for keeps. The same principle goes with buying things and choosing the persons I will love. I am very sentimental too. My attachment to a person, place, or a thing can be very strong when I have it with me for a very long time. I am also the type of person who does not easily accept change even though we all know that nothing is permanent in this world. I have symptoms of being obsessive-compulsive, wanting everything to be balanced and proportional. In addition, I have other weird habits and sometimes, they are not doing me good. I am a perfectionist but in a bad sense. Being perfectionist is advantageous to some, but for me, it gives me an “all or nothing” mindset. For me, if I cannot do my task perfectly, it is better not to do it at all. I am aware that we are living in a real world wherein there are lots of imperfections, but I have been wanting for happiness that is absolute and life that is flawless. I am also a laid-back person. I believe that in this fast changing world, sometimes we need to be laid-back for a while.

I consider myself as a dreamer. Though I have been neglectful with my life, I believe that I could still succeed in the future. I have to admit that I commit mistakes, but these mistakes help me to learn and be a better person.

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