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Grotto and Tombol Hill on Good Friday

This is a follow up to my old post, Penetensiyahan 2011. I was mistaken to call it “Penentensiyahan” because the actual Penetensiyahan, or I think it’s now called “Penitensiyahan” is like a procession with the higantes, a giant crucifix, and a giant rosary. It is one of the traditions of Rosarians during Good Friday along with—which would have been the title of my old blog and the topic of this post; visiting the grotto and climbing the Tombol Hill. So this is not a redundant post, I’m actually redeeming myself, LOL! This is a blog version of my vlog for RosarioBatangas.com. Yes we have a YouTube channel, please subscribe, like, comment, and share!=)

Same drill, here are the photos of my ‘pilgrimage’:

This is my third time taking a hike at Tombol Hill. In my first attempt—the time I made the first blog, there were no stairs yet as seen on my post. The hike was difficult and it took me about 30 minutes to reach the top. On my second attempt, when stairs were already in place, it was easier and faster but more exhausting. Being stranded—as mentioned in my previous post, is actually an opportunity to rest but it was reduced. For my second hike, it only took me 10 minutes. This third hike was a nightmare. Climbing the stairs was exhausting already, it gets even more exhausting because I was filming for the video version of this blog. I’ve been planning to document the entire hike but I was able to shoot only the first half. Also, I think I’m getting old, that’s also what I thought on my second attempt. I was actually prepared for this so I brought along a liter of bottled water so I need not buy but it was an additional baggage to bear.

At the summit, I was very, very tired I thought I wouldn’t make it. I searched for a bench to rest which was very scarce—thankful to find one and drank my water. I noticed there were more people than before maybe making up for lost time due to the pandemic. Unlike my previous hikes, I stayed there till nightfall.

In my previous blog, I said that going downhill is easier said than done. But now, going down the stairs is so rewarding I was able to film the entire descent.

If there are things not clear in my post, just watch the vlog. :))))

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