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Penetensiyahan 2011

Penetensiyahan is a Lenten celebration in Rosario, Batangas in commemoration of the passion of Jesus Christ providing a glimpse of the 14 stations in the Grotto at the foot of Tombol Hill. Christian devotees hold pilgrimages to this place during the Holy Week. Here are photos when I visited the Grotto and took a hike to the Tombol Hill during the Good Friday. 

This year, I made a decision to take a hike to the top of the Tombol Hill. It was my first time considering the hill is just within the poblacion of my hometown, Rosario.

Besides the fact that the climb is apparently difficult to many, what makes it more difficult is the queue of the people going up and down the hill. Imagine being stranded for minutes in the midst of the climb. There were marshals assigned to give climbers a helping hand but seeing them along the way would mean there is a steep or slippery climb ahead.

The prize of my climb. But before that, the first photo is my old photo of Jesus Christ on top of Tombol Hill from afar. Then next to it is my close-up shot of the huge image of Jesus. I also took a bird’s eye view of Rosario.

A lot of food stalls were placed so food and drinks is not a problem on the hill. You may also take a rest on the benches near the stalls. There were also cops and military personnels stationed in the area.

It is said that downhills are the reward for making it uphill. But I tell you, going down is easier said than done.


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