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Biyaheng San Juan-Rosario

Byaheng San Juan-Rosario. Babaling na ulet yung jeep pagdating ng Rosario, di na dadaan ng Lipa, hwehwehwe!

This blog post is not really about this jeep. Click the link below for more.

Me and my thesismates, Glenn and Julius were on a mission to find a software needed for our system. The planned date was in a Tuesday, the day my car is prohibited from travelling because of the Number Coding scheme. The plan: stay and leave my car to Glenn’s Aunt in Las Piñas. So we left Batangas Monday evening and we arrived at Las Piñas just right for us to sleep. The next morning, we were accompanied by Glenn’s Aunt and drove us to PNU, where she work and from there, we commute. Our first stop: Recto.

If you are driving in unfamiliar place, you just need to follow the signs leading to your destination while in commuting, the problem is to know where and what to ride. At first it was still easy because there are jeepneys near PNU going to Recto but still we need to ask a fellow passenger where to disembark. This lady that we asked was so kind she even told us to take care before she got off the jeep. After setting our foot on Recto, we immediately began the hunt. We walked along Recto glancing on the stalls and entering establishments, but only computer rental shops, TV’s in electronic shops, and what Recto is famous for–fake documents, are in there. We even saw an AMA transcript… very tempting. After losing our hopes and realizing our walk is like taking forever, we decided to go to our next destination, Gilmore.

Getting to Gilmore is also easy because we only need to ride the train and there was an LRT station nearby. The hard part was to get a card for us to be able to ride the train. The three of us were all hesitant to ask for help but we got no choice. It is where our being probinsyano really came out. Although it is somewhat systematic, I still find it hassle falling in a long line and inserting coins and bills into the vending machine just to get a card. After finding out how much is the card, is it okay to insert bills, and is it okay to use just one bill for three cards, we managed to get the cards for the three of us. We seated near a security guard standing by the door. We asked the guard where Gilmore station is but there’s no need to because the name [of the stations] is posted in every stop. Upon reaching the Gilmore station, even though we are already aware of our whereabouts, the guard still said, “Andito na tayo”. I also noticed that it was the only time he left his post meaning he stayed in there because of us. Gilmore is well-known for shops selling different kinds of computers that’s why we took our chances there. Unfortunately, only few are selling softwares and the rarity of the software we are looking for makes it worse. We also went in the buildings on the other side of the road but still to no avail. We also looked in a store that sells surveilance cameras since the device we are using is a webcam but the guy there said that the similar software they have is built in to their products. That’s the last chance we had in Gilmore and we deliberated if we still need to go to other place or just go home. We actually have plan B already. But we have to grab all the chances we have so we settled on pursuing our hunt. Our next destination: Greenhills.

The dilemma going to Greenhills is that there is no direct mode of transportation aside from taxis considering it’s just nearby. Our other option is to ride on the other side of the road bound for the opposite direction and take another ride going back. Another deliberation came up: What the heck? We’ll just take the taxi. It cost us 150 pesos. The taxi was tuning in to an AM station and an untimely news report was heard, a heavy traffic is expected in Greenhills. But the driver said it is on the other side of Greenhills so there’s nothing to worry. Few more turns, and we’re there. Julius and Glenn were very eager to ask people where we can find stores that sells PC softwares but all of them were useless. I finally came in to the picture and asked this security guard then he called a man that can bring us to what we are looking for. It’s like a ray of light came upon us. The guy brought us to their shop but they don’t have the “precious” software in there. They asked us to write the name of the software in the paper and they will try to find it in their stockroom. We waited for almost one hour just standing in front of their shop! Alas, thay guy came empty-handed. Then we finally realized we can’t find that elusive software in Greenhills as well. We decided to take our lunch then. From what we ordered, it is evident how tired and desperate we were. I ordered a big hamburger while my two companions were not contented with just one meal! Imagine a combination of a rice meal and a burger meal, how’s that? After we released our anguish by eating, we went for a walk around the Greenhills Shopping Center, window shopped, and came to a decision to go home. It is where I took a photo of the jeepney posted above [more explanations below]. We actually rode one of those jeepneys, then in EDSA we took a bus to Alabang. We got off in a terminal in Alabang I am not familiar with then we get in a jeep going to Las Piñas. The last ride we took was a tricycle going to Pilar Village, where Glenn’s Aunt’s house is located. And finally, we’re back, tired and pissed.

I immediately took a nap when we entered the house, while the two chosed to watch DVD’s for relaxation. After the short nap, I woke up when Ate, the helper in the house, brought us pizza. After we had our merienda, I slept again because the Number Coding is still in effective so we still need to wait until evening. When I woke up, it’s dinner time. I’m guilty of being kain-tulog in the Auntie’s house. After we had our supper, we decided to move out. Glenn called his Aunt because she’s still at work to say our “goodbyes” and “thanks”. But before we “really” go, we went first to Glenn’s friend Mak-Mak for a brief drinking session. But before I agreed, I make it clear that I will only drink beer. Being a responsible driver, as always [naks!], I see to it that I won’t exceed to the my own limit if I will be drinking then driving afterwards. Mak-Mak’s house is just beside the Pilar Village. The people there are kind and friendly. Later on, Joanna came, Mak-Mak’s lovely and charming sister and joined the conversation. We bid our farewell to them the time the Number coding has ended. Even though we didn’t find what we’re looking for, somehow we still achieved something: making new friends as well as learning how to ride the LRT, LOL!

About the photo above: It is actually a jeepney routing from San Juan City, where Greenhills is located, to Rosario which I believe is somewhere in Pasig City. It just fascinated me because in Batangas, the route in our area is either San Juan-Rosario-Lipa or Rosario-Lipa only. Having San Juan-Rosario would mean the jeep will go back to San Juan after reaching my hometown Rosario bypassing Lipa, funny!

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