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Chick-Autz Christmas Party ’09

December 24, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

This year, we decided to spend our Christmas party at the Blue Coral Resort in Laiya. Just like the previous years, Myk was the punong abala. The date was December 12 and everyone are supposed to go to the resort by afternoon. Unfortunately, I can’t join that trip because I have to take my exams first. Jec also have the same dilemma of going there so we met after my exams. Afterwards, we waited for Shiela, Veejay, and Elaine who were also coming with us. We departed by around 7pm, but we went first to our house in Rosario to leave my car there because it’s more practical if we’ll be riding only in one car.

When we arrived at the Blue Coral, the first thing I asked Myk was the beach. He pointed it to me but all I can see is a pitch black darkness. To my dismay, I can’t see even just the reflections of the waves. I just told Myk that there’s still tomorrow for me to see the view. But there’s nothing I can say about the place we’re staying, it’s very nice. It is a penthouse with two floors and a balcony. Our arrival is almost perfect to eat dinner so I immediately grab one of Myk’s specialties: pata tim.

We started the gift giving right away. We did our usual way of giving gift, the one giving the gift tells first clues about the recipient of his/her gift before revealing who it was. The only twist this year is giving shots to the giver and the receiver. Since it is a rule for everyone, Jeff was not spared. But, even though he’s not drinking, he asked for more on the next rounds. Nem and Veejay served as the tanggeros but it seems their tagay are not reaching everybody. Krissy is wearing a long green dress and everyone is calling her the sultana. I am also wearing green that night so I was also caught up in the mockery.

The day after. They played beach volleyball, ride the banana boat and kayak. I opted to stay in the room but then I can’t see the entire beach from the balcony so I decided to go down also.

The conclusion of the Christmas party. Too bad there are still many who was not able to come.

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