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Nostalgia × New home × Rising from the dead

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Finally, after almost two years, a new blog post. My last post was last April of 2008. This blog is now saved in a new server, the new address is https://jamideleon.wordpress.com. You can also see this blog in my Facebook profile by clicking the “RSS/Blog” tab. I wasn’t able to blog for a long time but still, a lot of things happened. The only thing that did not change is my hair, it’s still my own worst enemy. I’m still thin, and maybe becoming even thinner. I am still detained, I mean, schooling in AMA. Hmmm… what else? I really don’t have plan on making sensible post today, I just want to test if this post will appear on my Facebook [friends and wall] and see how it will look like. Another thing: my Blogroll was reset, give me your link if you have a blog.;)

BTW, hindi ko pa nararamdaman ang bakasyon dahil sa lintek na NFE na yan!

My blog as seen on my Facebook profile.

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