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I’m now updated to South Park

November 13, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

South Park is an animated comedy series well-known for its toilet humor [meaning it’s not for kids] presenting pop culture parody and political satires. Other countries are being ridiculed in the show too. Oh no! Will it be another Desperate Housewives, The Daily Show, or Jimmy Kimmel Live for Filipinos? I’m now addicted with the show especially that I am almost updated with the regular airings of South Park. Almost because I do not live in America and I only depend on sites that stream South Park episodes [same thing as Bleach anime, I don’t live in Japan… ooops!] so there’s an hour/day delay. Jack TV airs South Park here in the Philippines but they keep on replaying the episodes and they are taking time before they release new seasons. There’s no assurance that I’ll be able to complete the episodes with that. Reason Magazine had an interview with the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker about downloading their episodes.

RM: When it looked like Comedy Central wasn’t going to rerun the Mary episode, people were still able to download it illegally online. Did you see that as a victory for free speech, or did you think, “My God, these people are stealing our intellectual property”?

Stone: We’re always in favor of people downloading. Always.

RM: Why?

Stone: It’s how a lot of people see the show. And it’s never hurt us. We’ve done nothing but been successful with the show. How could you ever get mad about somebody who wants to see your stuff?

Parker: We worked really hard making that show, and the reason you do it is because you want people to see it.

I admired the show for its creativity, humor, the voices, and its cutout animation. “You know, I’ve learned something today” has been my favorite catchphrase followed by the boys of South Park’s realization on the issue in an episode.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker

I can’t imagine how the creators can still come up with lots of philosophical ideas considering South Park has been in the air for ten years now. See how they make fun of themselves on the video below. It is from the DVD version where episodes begin with a fireside chat with Matt and Trey.


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