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Power Rangers SPD

November 12, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is one of my most watched TV show when I was a kid and my favorite rangers were Green Ranger and White Ranger. I had a Green Ranger action figure when I was young and there were lots of imaginations running in my mind about Power Rangers at that time.

I’m not a retard to be hooked to Power Rangers now that I am 22 but there’s a new generation of rangers called Power Rangers SPD shown in Cartoon Network that caught my attention. I’m not really an avid viewer of the show but I’m watching it if I’ve got the chance to. I’ve found out that the new Power Rangers evolved from episodic (where it always starts from a monster bringing terror, rangers will come out to fight, the monster will grow larger, the rangers summoning their zords or the robot they use against larger monsters, and results to the defeat of the enemy) to series. They are inter-gallactic police similar to Shaider or its Filipino gay version Zaido and serve as Earth’s defense to planet-conquering empires. There had been lots of new incarnations of the Power Rangers but only the SPD intrigues me. Nice costumes too, they can transform to SWAT mode giving more power to their arsenal. It just made me think that kids today were very fortunate to be exposed to a more creative TV shows. SPD is followed by Power Rangers: Mystic Force but this one’s not cool because their powers came from some kind of magical world like how Filipino superheroes are depicted on TV. Bakit ba kelangang lahat ng superheroes ng mga Pinoy ay may lahing engkanto? Anyway, I’m too old to be interested with these Power Ranger things. It’s morphin’ time! (!?!)

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