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Ang show na may tama. I first saw this TV show when I was about to graduate in high school or maybe during my first year in college. It was first shown in Channel 4 (NBN). It is a reality comedy show, though it also includes scripted sketches. It features Tado as himself and Angel Rivero as Erning (Tado’s driver). They interview various people about their work or ask them how things are made, often in a factory. They also feature different places and they would ask the caretakers or administrators about the place. They ask informative questions on them but due to the nature of the show, they also include silly questions. Some of their overused questions are “If your life story is to be made as a movie, who do you want to be the actor/actress on your role?” another one is “What is your unforgettable experience in your work?” or if they are in a pencil factory, they would ask “If you are a pencil, what kind of pencil are you and why?”. Erning used to speak tama or “correct” in English often in the show as an expression even if she means “alright” or “yes”. Strangebrew is directed by R.A. Rivera.

I like the way they insert clips for example if someone mentioned Japanese, there will be an old video during the Japanese occupation that will be inserted. There was this one episode that a manager of a factory said that they are in QC then an image of Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City is inserted. But what the manager means of QC is “quality control” area. I also like the way Erning laugh, especially at Tado. There are large captions appearing that highlight important words but sometimes words being captioned are insignificant things that are being mentioned or ganyan which means “that” or “like that”. Tado is also good with his punchlines and being pilosopo. Ramon Bautista who portrays minor characters is also good. I also like the background music being used in the show.

I made a playlist of the Strangebrew episodes uploaded by cool people who manage to have the videos. It will not show you just one episode, but the entire season. Hopefully, the episodes will be completed in the future.

Season One

Season Two

  1. January 24, 2008 at 4:31 am

    kuya anong episode ung nagpunta cla sa los baños??? please hit me back f u know po… thanks

  2. January 28, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    kelan iba2lik ang show na my tama?

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