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Witness to a Car Crash

September 15, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

A while ago, I’m on my way to Lipa to attend my class. When I’m about to leave the town proper of Padre Garcia, I noticed this pickup in front of me. Upon reaching the halfway of Brgy. San Felipe, this pickup tried to overtake an owner-type jeep. However, this jeep swerved to the direction of the overtaking pickup making the pickup spin a bit and slide towards a post or a gate (I’m not sure since I’m driving). I think the pickup tried to turn left away from the jeep, braked hard then turn back to the right to keep in control but it resulted to the crash. At first I though the pickup was simply postioned at the side of the road umharmed but when I passed by, the fender and other parts were damaged. I also see water gushing out of the engine’s vent. I’m not sure if the driver is harmed. I just continued driving until I saw the jeep now at my front. When I reached the boundary of Padre Garcia and Lipa, I saw the jeep stopped, seems like there’s a guilt on part of the driver.

After seeing that accident, I felt the same as when I’m just learning how to drive but that didn’t stop me to speed up to 70 kph since I’m already late in my class. I just see to it that I’m speeding only when it’s safe. Also, the flashback only lasts for a while. Besides I don’t need to be scared in driving because it might cause more trouble.

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