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Erap Verdict: Guilty!

September 12, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Sandiganbayan has spoken, former President Joseph Estrada is guilty of plunder. He’s to suffer reclusion perpetua as punishment and confiscated his accounts with the total of around $15 million. For me, the decision was right. It’s even surprising in my own opinion that only few are being charged of corruption. We have shown the world how we wanted to get rid of anomalies in our government.

Of course there will be some who will protest the court’s verdict, I can say it’s alright. It is just annoying that reasons of other people are nonesense. There were those who were marching on the streets without even knowing what plunder means. The only thing they have in mind is that the movie star turned president is their idol and their only hope against poverty. If only they knew how corruption affects the lives of the Filipinos especially the poor. It’s really easy for our leaders to steal from our funds if this is how we think. It is scary that corruption is still being neglected though it is a very serious problem in our country. It’s also funny that the anti-Arroyos want Estrada to be freed. My question is, does it really mean that if they are against Arroyo, automatically they’ll support Estrada? If I’m not mistaken, some of them were shouting Erap resign before. It’s like we’re just running in circles. It is evident that Filipinos forget easily. BTW, I’m against Gloria, as far as her legitimacy is concerned since the 2004 national elections. But no more of Erap, we need to find another contender.

It has been decided, though Estrada can still appeal up to the Supreme Court. But after this, what’s next? Can we also seek justice on others who also committed crime but were just clever enough to hide? We need more transparency because it is very hard or impossible to charge corrupt officials with the current system in our government.

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