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My previous posts are about Bleach anime/manga. You might be asking what the hell is Bleach? Intially it is a story of a young boy named Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends Uryuu Ishida, Rukia Kuchiki, Yasutora Sado, and Inoue Orihime (as shown in the picture, Ichigo is the orange-haired guy followed by the others in clockwise direction, don’t mind the stuffed toy… it’s just Kon LOL!). The adventure begins when Ichigo met Rukia, a Shinigami, which should not be the case because humans cannot see spirits including Shinigamis but Ichigo is exempted for he has the ability to see them. The duties of a Shinigami are to send Pluses (spirits) to Soul Society and to cleanse Hollows (evil spirit) by defeating them. When Rukia was injured battling the Hollow, she was left no choice but to pass half of her power to Ichigo but with his unusual strength, Ichigo absorbed almost all of Rukia’s powers making him a substitute shinigami.

Shinigamis are armed with Zanpakutou or the soul slayer which has unique powers depending on the user but they are not exclusive in swordfighting since they also have spells called kido which can be destructive or used in restraining purposes. Most Zanpakutous look like any ordinary sword but skilled users can give commands on them to have a new look and more power… it is called shikai, the initial release of the soul slayer. While Shinigami with hundred years of combat experience can have the ultimate power by achieving bankai, the final release of a Zanpakutou that also varies in every Shinigami using it. When activating shikai, every user gives different commands depending on the power of the sword like awaken, shatter, snap, scatter, roar, grow, bloom, shine, dance, etc. Bankai on the other hand is released by simply shouting bankai, where the excitement arises and makes the word popular because a big fight is to be expected especially if all involved in the fight scene will use it. When shikai or bankai is no longer needed, the soul slayer is sealed to bring it back to its normal form. In case of Ichigo, his Zanpakutou is always in shikai.

These are only the basics of the series. I’ve already explained what is Gotei 13, another feature of Bleach, in my previous post. The gang also faces groups like the Bount — born from a mistake by the Soul Society which is partly from Shinigamis so Bounts possess dolls similar to their Zanpakotou’s characteristics, the Vizards — Shinigamis who attempt to have Hollow powers (just imagine Shinigami with a mask), and the Arrancar — Hollows who remove their mask to obtain Shinigami powers (Hollow with a Zanpakotou). Quite interesting, huh?

It’s not clear to me why the title of the series is Bleach. Some says it’s because Ichigo’s hair is bleached. Other says it means cleansing of souls. But whatever it is, it still kicks ass! Bleach anime is currently airing here in the Philippines at GMA 7.

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