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Happy birthday to me

September 25, 2007 3 comments

Hindi na ako natutuwang mag-birthday. Pakiramdam ko habang nadadagdagan ang edad ko ay nagiging lalong huli na para sa akin ang mga bagay-bagay. Di ko makaya ang bilis ng takbo ng buhay. Para akong patay na isda na inaanod na lang ng current ng tubig. Lahat na lang naging delayed sa akin. Meron sana akong gustong gawin o mangyari sa buhay ko bago ako lumampas ng bente uno. Kulang na lang sabihan ko ang mga kaibigan ko na patayin nila ako kapag hindi ko ito nagawa. Kung natuloy yon, bye bye na sana ako sa mundo… sa mismong birthday ko.

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Happy Horse + Incubus = Wala lang

September 22, 2007 Leave a comment

The Chick-Autz had a brief drinking session last night. Most of us ordered Red Horse though I want to have Strong Ice, unfortunately it’s not available. Incidentally or intentionally (for my friends already know what happy horse is) I picked up a bottle of happy horse in the second round. Since we’re the most distant to the beers, me and my other friend were that last ones to get a bottle… and the happy horse landed in front of me. Then they began uttering “happy horse” to me. Silly me, I don’t know what it is. Looking closer to the bottle, the horse seems to be smiling in the label and prints in the bottle which is supposed to be white in Red Horse are slightly red in color. I even thought it was fake. They told me that in every case of Red Horse, there’s one happy horse. They also said that happy horse is stronger than the regular Red Horse. That was fun somehow, drinking this already strong beer that is stronger.

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Witness to a Car Crash

September 15, 2007 Leave a comment

A while ago, I’m on my way to Lipa to attend my class. When I’m about to leave the town proper of Padre Garcia, I noticed this pickup in front of me. Upon reaching the halfway of Brgy. San Felipe, this pickup tried to overtake an owner-type jeep. However, this jeep swerved to the direction of the overtaking pickup making the pickup spin a bit and slide towards a post or a gate (I’m not sure since I’m driving). I think the pickup tried to turn left away from the jeep, braked hard then turn back to the right to keep in control but it resulted to the crash. At first I though the pickup was simply postioned at the side of the road umharmed but when I passed by, the fender and other parts were damaged. I also see water gushing out of the engine’s vent. I’m not sure if the driver is harmed. I just continued driving until I saw the jeep now at my front. When I reached the boundary of Padre Garcia and Lipa, I saw the jeep stopped, seems like there’s a guilt on part of the driver.

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Erap Verdict: Guilty!

September 12, 2007 Leave a comment

The Sandiganbayan has spoken, former President Joseph Estrada is guilty of plunder. He’s to suffer reclusion perpetua as punishment and confiscated his accounts with the total of around $15 million. For me, the decision was right. It’s even surprising in my own opinion that only few are being charged of corruption. We have shown the world how we wanted to get rid of anomalies in our government.

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September 9, 2007 Leave a comment

My previous posts are about Bleach anime/manga. You might be asking what the hell is Bleach? Intially it is a story of a young boy named Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends Uryuu Ishida, Rukia Kuchiki, Yasutora Sado, and Inoue Orihime (as shown in the picture, Ichigo is the orange-haired guy followed by the others in clockwise direction, don’t mind the stuffed toy… it’s just Kon LOL!). The adventure begins when Ichigo met Rukia, a Shinigami, which should not be the case because humans cannot see spirits including Shinigamis but Ichigo is exempted for he has the ability to see them. The duties of a Shinigami are to send Pluses (spirits) to Soul Society and to cleanse Hollows (evil spirit) by defeating them. When Rukia was injured battling the Hollow, she was left no choice but to pass half of her power to Ichigo but with his unusual strength, Ichigo absorbed almost all of Rukia’s powers making him a substitute shinigami.

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Gotei 13

September 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Gotei 13 is the 13 squads of the Shinigamis in the manga/anime series Bleach. Each division is headed by a Captain, then a Vice-Captain/Lieutenant, and Seated Officers. The Captain of the 1st Squad is also the General of the Gotei 13. The Shinigamis are those who are in kimono armed with a sword (like the guys in Samurai X but the thing is, they all wear black) while their Captains wear an extra white dress with a unique diamond printed at the back that symbolizes Gotei 13. Inside the diamond is the number indicating what squad they belong. The above picture shows the original and the most prominent Captains of the 13 Squads.

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Yachiru Kusajishi

September 4, 2007 Leave a comment

For me, the cutest character in the manga/anime series Bleach and also deadly for she is the Vice-Captain of the 11th Division of Gotei 13. Being small, she is often seen on the shoulder of her Captain or on the head/face of other shinigamis, LOL! She’s also fond of giving others strange nicknames. Kung magkaka-anak ako gusto ko kasing cute ni Yachiru. ^_^

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