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Pilipino Funny Komiks

Pilipino Funny Komiks is a local comics for children that is not only entertaining but also educational. It can also be enjoyed by the adults because of the satires associated in some strips. It is published every week by Islas Filipinas Publishing Co. Inc.

Funny Komiks became part of my childhood life. Every week, I used to have new issue of the comics beside me when I wake up in bed. My comics is bought along with the daily newspaper early in the morning. I’ve read that prices of the comics were P3.50, P5, P7, P9, and P17.50. I think I started buying Funny Komiks when it was 5 pesos up to 9 pesos. I’m just beginning how to read when I started collecting Funny Komiks. It enhanced my reading skills. It also inspired me to draw. I even submited my drawings because they allow kids to send artworks and publish them on their pages. It was through snail mail, if only there was internet back then. After weeks of waiting, finally it was published. Printed in small size, my artwork was posted along with the others. There are lots of kids who are interested to submit that’s why it was published that small but it’s enough for me during that time that my drawing was there with my name on it. Funny Komiks also tickled my mind with its interesting trivias and exciting brain teasers.

Funny Komiks consists of different comic strips in series or episodes. One of my favorites is the story of Combatron, a Megaman look-alike superhero Pinoy style. Although it is noted as the Pinoy Megaman, it is very creative in all aspects. I’m so lucky to find a scan of a Funny Komiks issue with Combatron in cover. My other favorites were Eklok, Pitit, Tomas en Kulas (local Tom & Jerry), Mr. & Mrs., Planet op d Eyps, Super Blag, Viktar Istarkidd, and Tinay Pinay.

I lost my interest in Funny Komiks when something has been changed but I have no idea what it is. I also started to get addicted to PlayStation that time. My collections were stored in a box but then cockroaches began to infest them. But, even if those pesky bastards destroyed and crapped my Funny Komiks, it will remain in my heart and in my mind always. Today, I realized that I’m so fortunate that at my very young age I had this such experience. I’ve heard that Funny Komiks stopped circulating in the late 90’s.

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