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Laiya ’07

The Reunion

It was a planned outing of what I called as my “SNFSS batchmates” and they invited me to come. Most of them are already working so they came up with this important and fun event. It was more important for me because it has been almost a decade since I left our alma mater while they’ve been together for four more years as high school classmates.

The arrival. San Juan is just a nearby town but still it was a long drive. Later on, my batchmates are busy preparing while they told me to relax. They are very much concerned that maybe I got exhausted after driving.

The party. We eat, drink, sing, and swim. There are plenty of foods. They did not ask me to chip, maybe because I am the one in charge in the transportation department, LOL! Morena is still good in singing, just what I remembered during elementary.

The next day. We rode a boat and strolled the sea. We jumped off the boat somewhere in the middle of the laot and it’s nice to see the clear water we’re on. The only thing is the current is very fast and it’s like the sea will suck me.

Before we left this lovely place, we took more pictures. This experience is something that I will never forget. My batchmates are very nice considering I left our school after elementary and they had a strong bond in highschool. They didn’t treat me differently. The only thing is best friend Ian wasn’t able to join us.

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