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Puerto Galera ’07

At Batangas Port waiting for our boat. We’re excited especially me because it’s my first time to be in Puerto.

We’re on our way. It was a long trip, never thought of it because Batangas is close to Mindoro. The seats are uncomfortable, we’re just on monobloc chairs.

After a long search for a place to stay, we finally enjoyed the beach. We swam, rode the banana boat, and took pictures.

During the night, first thing we did is to eat then we party. We’re hearing music from bands like Bamboo and Imago because they are having a concert by the bay. We drank this Mindoro sling, it is also my first time, but it feels like it’s just filling my stomach. When we drink beer, the feeling gets worse.

After chugging down lots of Mindoro sling and beer, we call it “a night”. Photo above is GJ after partying.

The next day, ready to have fun once again.

I decided not to swim that day and just to enjoy the scenery so I get dressed but it turned out that I will be the official photographer of Janel, GJ, and Juren.

My turn.

The beach of Puerto Galera.

We ate at Kusina ni Aling Bebang. We ordered Lamon Barkada. This is the only available photo. Scroll below to see the video.

We only look happy here but we’re about to leave.

As we get farther and farther to the shores of Puerto, it’s hurting me from the inside, good thing there are dolphins slightly coming out of the sea. I told GJ and Juren about the dolphins but they didn’t believe me. Aba’y hindi naniwala!


Beach 1, Beach 2, Kusina ni Aling Bebang

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